How To Beat Addiction Without Rehab

The Wholeness Shift is an in-depth online program coupled with live coaching to teach functional drinkers/users how to beat addictive patterns using the “Connection Based Living” method, doing it all without having to give up your life.

Dear The Recovery Curious,
When someone asks for help with addiction the usual response is, “GO TO REHAB”

Whatever you do just go to rehab and get better.”

Pretty daunting…

Being locked away and isolated from family and friends for 30, 60, or 90 days.

Not being able to work.

Having to come up with lies and excuses as to why you will be away.

Being pushed to share your deepest darkest vulnerabilities with strangers.

Not to mention that the starting cost of private rehab is on average upwards of $40,000 for a 30+ day stint (ouch).

Research shows that on average, people engage in rehab seven separate times before creating any form of change.

7 x $40,000 = $280,000 potentially before achieving any change (double ouch).

Looking around in society, most people would agree that addiction issues don’t seem to be getting better. 

They actually seem to be getting worse.

This begs the question: does the standard approach work?

If you’re reading this right now, we are assuming it’s because, in some way, shape, or form, you’re not happy with your relationship with substances. 

Probably feeling sick of the same old shit.

Wanting to change, but not wanting to be locked down in rehab.

Have you ever thought, I wish there was another way?

A way to trust me again.

A way to feel a sense of calm and peace again.

A way to get back relationships with family and friends.

A way to create the life I want, free from addictive patterns.

Waking up each morning feeling like “Hey, I got this”.

The good news…

Real Drug Talk thinks about addiction and the solution differently.

We have established a contemporary online program, with a delivery method that incurs zero life interruptions.

A simple way of living, we call “Connection Based Living”.

Discover how we can help you make simple changes that create huge results.

Others Experience

What You Will Learn


How to create uncompramising and consistent transformation, using my simple and easy to implement recovery ethos.

New Stories

Why the new stories you tell yourself (when you know the secrets detailed in the healing module) may be the most important thing you ever actualise in your recovery

The One Thing

The one thing you should NEVER do when you're trying to achieve recovery


How to make recovery feel "effortless" when practicing the wholeness shift

Your Tribe

How to immediately find and qualify that special "core group" of support people that will act as the foundation of your life re-design. (I personally think this is one of those key determining factors that will make or break your success)


Why you need to understand Jack's "85% theory" and how you can use it to cultivate "Buddha like" peace and contentment

Unlock Hidden Hurt

How to discover your hidden hurt and unlock simple exercises to facilitate accelerated healing

The "Wholeness Shift"

How to use the wholeness shift to generate unshakeable self-worth, introducing you to the "magical and harmonious" feeling of wholeness

The Program Coaches

Jack Nagle

Jack has a lived experience of overcoming addiction and is a leading professional in the sector. Jack will guide you through the program and your healing.

Amanda Profile picture

Amanda Lockyer

Amanda coaches and empowers spouses and families with evidence-based tools and strategies to feel more confident in navigating a loved one’s addiction and recovery journey.

holly profile picture

Holly Sinclair 

holly is a passionate educator, she will help you tap into your body’s wisdom and become your best self by unlocking biochemical health.

3x Instalment option

$366.66 x3 over three months
  • Instalment option
  • Life time course access


The course content is available online through pre-recorded video modules accessible on laptops, mobile devices, or tablets. There will also be fortnightly coaching sessions along with access to the coaches in the facebook community.

Yes. we offer a 10-day money-back guarantee

Yes, Jack will be active daily in the support community. The other trainers plus guests will be included in the live coaching calls.

Yes. the coaches will be active in the support community to answer any of your questions

No. At Real Drug Talk we understand that everyone has a unique set of circumstances and that each person is on their own journey. This is explained in depth within the course however we will teach you how to change your relationship with substances.