Heya Good Gearers

Imagine knives and forks in the bedroom, clothes on the floor and crap everywhere…

Unfortunately, I haven’t got a newsletter for you this week because this is my current life as the kitchen is getting a little touch-up. (First-world problems I know)


I’d love a moment to tell you a quick story that made me a little teary.

One of the coolest things about my job is that I get messages like this: (broken into two parts)

Wholeness Shift Success Story [part 1]

Wholeness Shift Success Story Part 2

The quick backstory is that this guy struggled to put consistent days together.

As a result, life was chaos and the internal story then became that nothing was going to work for him

So nothing did…

Until it all changed. 

My favourite thing to say to people is don’t give up until the magic happens, because you’re only one shift away from completely changing everything.

All you need is one shift, just one!

But that can’t happen unless you’re having a crack.

So ask yourself, am I still having a crack today?

If you want to get back on the horse and start making those changes, our new program “The Wholeness Shift” might be able to help.


We have a special launch offer that will end soon so don’t miss out.


Have a great weekend and remember: Don’t give up until the magic happens, you’re only one shift away from changing everything

To your change